✍ NeoVIM

NeoVIM installation, configuration, and docs.


First configure 🥷 chachi-shell, as it includes NeoVIM configuration files.

  1. Install neovim. This actually depends on the OS/distro you are using 😅.
  2. Install all needed language servers.
  3. Check everything is ok with :checkhealth
  4. Install some clipboard handler for Linux (xclip or wl-clipboard).


Window management

  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-w_s] Split window.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-w_v] Split window vertically.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-w_q] Close a window.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-w_o] Close all but current window (same than :only).
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-w_T] Move current split to a new tab.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-w_=] Resive all windows to have same size.
  • [:tab] Create new tab.
  • [:tab *] Outputs the given command in a new tab.
  • [NORMAL] [gt] Move to next tab.
  • [NORMAL] [gT] Move to previous tab.
  • [:tabclose] Closes current tab.


  • [NORMAL] [o] Append a new line.
  • [NORMAL] [O] Prepend a new line.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-o] Move to previous position.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-i] Move to next position.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-u] Move 1/2 screen up.
  • [NORMAL] [Ctrl-d] Move 1/2 screen down.
  • [NORMAL] [gg] Move to the beginning of the document.
  • [NORMAL] [G] Move to the end of the document.
  • [NORMAL] [zz] Center cursor on screen.


  • [Ctrl-u] Move preview 1/2 screen up.
  • [Ctrl-d] Move preview 1/2 screen down.
  • [Ctrl-x] Open selection in a split.
  • [Ctrl-v] Open selection in a vertical split.
  • [Ctrl-q] Send all items to the quickfix list.


  • [NORMAL] [zo] Open fold.
  • [NORMAL] [zc] Close fold.

During diff split

  • [NORMAL] [do] Obtain/Get the corresponding chunk from other diff.
  • [NORMAL] [dp] Put the corresponding chunk into other diff.


  • [NORMAL] [qa] Start recording “a” macro.
  • [NORMAL] [q] Stop recording.
  • [NORMAL] [@a] Run "a" macro.
  • [NORMAL] [@@] Rerun last macro.


  • [NORMAL] [K] Show docs (run again to focus docs).
  • [VISUAL] [p] Replaces current selection with clipboard.