Pablo Molina


⁉️ JavaScript Equality Table

Comparison between double and triple igual in JavaScript, and some examples where using double equal might lead to headaches.

🧑‍🏫 TeachT3ch

Participating in this incredible nonprofit iniciative to teach people how to code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

📺 Twitch Channel

Videos about software development, mostly about FrontEnd, but also learning new programming languages and other interesting topics.

🎩 Seniore

NodeJS based CLI that manages my regular GitHub and Jira workflow with small and opinionated scripts.

👋 Holi

Chrome extension that overrides the new tab page allowing taking notes with some syntax sugar and seeing a minimal bookmark list.

🎞️ 60 Frames of Animations

Breve exploración sobre por qué las animaciones son importantes en una aplicación y programación en vivo sombre cómo optimizar una animación con CSS y JavaScript.